♡ maria +, 17. i cry over zayn malik on a daily basis ♡

Jade performing at Blackpool Illuminations x/x

you see, liam doesn’t do this. he barely ever leaves heaven and visits earth, preferring to assume tasks that involve him working from his room, up above, not interfering with human business. not even when they were in war – he was one of the few that didn’t take sides, didn’t care about fighting, his faith in god too big to the point where he would accept his fate, no matter which path the world took.

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through the dark - dallas 24.08

"As you guys know, by now I was also in a relationship with Perrie Edwards, someone very special to me - and so that was hard. When you’ve met someone who means so much to you, being away from them for long periods of time is really difficult. In August 2013 we got engaged - I know people are really interested in the details and our plans together, but I always prefer to keep that private. It’s just my nature to be like that. Back then, on tour for such a long spell, I missed Perrie really badly so there were times when, on a personal level, I was feeling pretty deflated." - Zayn talking about Perrie in the Who We Are book

Jade at Steam & Rye in London (Sep. 27th)



what’s the hottest picture of zayn you can find?


harry + cameras


im so far up one direction’s ass they could make an album consisting of a mixture of country and hard metal music and i swear to fucking god id stan that shit to the grave