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zayn’s phone is probably off, he’s probably away from any sort of social media and, if anything, the boys have called perrie’s phone to talk to him so like

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Use Somebody | One Direction iTunes Festival


1. Your skin may never be perfect, and that’s okay.

2. Life is too short not to have the underwear, the coffee, and the haircut you want.

3. Everyone (including your family, your coworkers, and your best friend) will talk about you behind your back, and you’ll talk about them too. It doesn’t mean you don’t love each other.

4. It’s okay to spend money on things that make you happy.

5. Sometimes without fault or reason, relationships deteriorate. It will happen when you’re six, it will happen when you’re sixty. That’s life.

Five things I am trying very hard to accept  (via peachringslushie)


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Title: Another World
Artist: One Direction




Title: Torn
Artist: One Direction